Faces of Jackson County Class of 2020: Karlee Caldwell

Meet Karlee Caldwell! Karlee is a senior at Jefferson High School and plans to attend Augusta University in the fall. We want to congratulate Karlee and her family on her upcoming graduation and best of luck in the future!

Question: Please tell us a little bit about your family.
A: “My family had always been my biggest supporters and have been there for me through everything. I’m very grateful for them.”

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: “I plan to attend Augusta University and major in Biology. I intend on going into the medical field in the future.”

Q: What are two of your favorite restaurants in our community?
A: “My favorite restaurants are Sugar & Spice, Cream & Shuga Coffee, and Mexican!”

Q: How long have you lived in our community?
A: “I’ve lived here my whole life, so 18 years now!”

Q: Who is the most interesting person you’ve met here in our community?
A: “The most interesting person I’ve met in our community would most likely be Mr. Bryan, the art teacher at Jefferson High School.”

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
A: “I would travel to the London, because I love their accents and their weather.”

Q: What is one of your favorite movies? TV shows?
A: “My favorite movie is probably the Twilight series or ‘Dirty Dancing.’ My favorite TV shows are ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

Q: What advice would you give to people?
A: “My advice would be to not take anything for granted. With everything going on right now, there’s a lot that has been taken away from everyone. Always take a moment to step back and realize how much you have. It’s the little things that have been taken away from us that we now realize meant so much. Be grateful!”

Q: What is your go to band / singer when you cant decide what to listen to?
A: “My go to band is Cage the Elephant.”

Q: What is something you will do as soon as this COVID-19 is over?
A: “I’m going shopping with my friends as soon as this is over!”

Q: If you could choose anyone that is alive today and not a relative; with whom would you love to have lunch? Why? And where locally would y’all meet for this lunch?
A: “I would have lunch with Billie Eilish, because I love her music and we’re the same age, so I feel like that would be pretty cool. I would probably go eat at the Mexican restaurant because I’m always in the mood for tacos.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about our community?
A: I love how we all come together to support the sports teams and each other through anything.

Q: What is the most beautiful place you have ever been?
A: “I haven’t been out of the country, so probably New York. Times Square is an amazing experience.”

Q: Favorite month? favorite holiday? and best single day on the calendar?
A: “My favorite month is October, My favorite holiday is Christmas, and the best day on the calendar is April 6th, because it’s my birthday!”

Q: What would you rate a 10 out of 10?
A: “Taqueria Tsunami. It’s the best restaurant ever.”

Q: Who inspires you to be better?
A: “My teachers inspire me to be better. They constantly push me to do my best, always encourage me, and offer endless support.”

Q: What is one or two of your favorite smells?
A: “Anything vanilla scented.”

Q: Finally, what 3 words or phrases come to mind when you think of the word HOME?
A: “Family, Safety, and Comfort.”


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