Kimberly Holder

Meet Kimberly Holder! She is the owner of Sugar & Spice, a favorite lunch spot, in Jefferson.  Sugar & Spice is a blast from the past from the moment you walk through the Crawford W Long Pharmacy doors! The Sugar & Spice lunch counter is in the back and they serve up Southern lunch staples, desserts and more.

Kimberly purchased the restaurant 12 years ago and has been filling the tables and lunch counter ever since, with local patrons that she considers extended family.  “…we try and treat them just like they’re our own family,” she said.

Kimberly is a lifelong Jefferson resident, is married to Scott and the couple has one son, Chett who is 3.  We want to thank Kimberly for recently sitting down with us and telling us more about her life and love of Jackson County.

Question: What inspired you or led you to your current career?
Answer: “I’m not where the inspiration came in for that because actually it was opened by two girls. They each had two boys and young men in sports…they called and asked me if I wanted to buy the restaurant. We’ve been here 12 years.”


Q: What is your favorite thing about Jackson County?
A: “It’s been home to me all my life! I love to see friends everywhere I go.”


Q: What do you love about your customers?
A: “That’s the part that I love because we try and treat them just like they’re our own family.”


Q: Who is one of the most interesting people that you have met in Jackson County?
A: “My pastor Brent Gilstrap is an incredible guy. We love him. He is our pastor at Ebeneezer, but he’s also a teacher and coach at West Jackson Middle School.”


Q: Where do you see yourself in five or 10 years?
A: “I’ll probably be right here.”


Q: If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go right now?
A: “I’d probably would go Bora Bora or Hawaii or somewhere tropical.”


Q: What is what something on your bucket list?
A: “Travel out West. Go to the Grand Canyon, Redwood Forest.”


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