John Canupp

Meet John Canupp! John is a an assistant principal at West Jackson Elementary and works part time for the Jackson County School Central Office.  He is married to Karen Canupp and the couple has two children, Lilly Grace, 15 and Mitchell, 12. After graduating from Gainesville High School, John attended Gainesville College and North Georgia College where he got his biology degree. He went back to school an earned his certificate and masters degree in education.


“…I got my degree in biology and when I started looking for jobs it was  working in a lab and I’m more about relationships with people,” he said. 


Volunteering with Young Life for 12 years, John realized he was a true people person. When looking for jobs in the biology field he realized he didn’t want to be spending all day in a lab. His desire to make more personal connections lead John toward an education career. He started his career at North Hall Middle School where he worked for two years, continued at Chestatee Middle School for six years, and was then offered the position as Assistant Principal in Jackson County. This position moved his family to Jefferson, where his wife was from and was already working as an Optometrist. John’s education career changed again as he was named Principal of Maysville Elementary where he spent three years.  John has been a resident of Jackson County for 13 years now and truly loves it.
“I love the small town feel of Jackson County,” John said.


We want to thank John for recently sitting down with us and telling us more about his life and love of Jackson County.


Question: What inspired you or led you to your current career?
Answer: “Well, I got my degree in biology and when I started looking for jobs it was like working in a lab and I’m more about relationships with people and I did young life in hall county for twelve years and spent a lot of time with high school aged kids and I got more joy from spending time with kids then the thought of working in a lab.”


Q: What do you love about Jackson County?
A: “I love Jackson County, the small town feel of it reminds me a lot of Gainesville back in the day, even though its steal 100 times smaller, the way you can go around and still know people and know families. There’s a great community feel down here. I love being apart of this community.”


Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Jackson County?
A: “Any of the Mexican restaurants down here are awesome. I love taking my kids to the yogurt place Swirls but it’s hard to choose”


Q: Who was your favorite teacher in school?
A: “Jim Daily at Gainesville High School, he was an awesome teacher.”


Q: What is the first movie you remember seeing in theater?
A: “’Star Wars.’”


Q: What is something on your bucket list?
A: “I want to one day travel to the western United States to hunt with my best friend. This happens to be on his bucket list, too, so we should be able to make that happen.”


Q: What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know?
A: “Most people have attached or unattached earlobes I have one of each, it’s a genetic mutation, and the only other person I know who has it is my dad.”


Q: What three words mean home to you?
A: “God, family, and friends.”


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